Minecraft: Wii U edition is happening, out later this month

The other week a mysterious rating showed up on PEGI which revealed the long awaited Wii U version of Minecraft was indeed happening, however confusion did arise when the rating was taken down. But never fear for Minecraft is here as Mojang has revealed that Minecraft: Wii U Edition is real and is coming very soon.

The big announcement with Minecraft: Wii U Edition is that the game will be playable via the console’s off TV-Play which is a feature fans have wanted. The game is being handled by 4J studios the team that brought Minecraft to the Xbox 360.

The Wii U version of the game will release on December 17 for $30. The Wii U version will include six add-on content packs, as well as a “Festive mash-up just in time for the holidays.” Additionally, 16 more packs will be available in the eShop when the game launches.

However at this time the game will be arriving exclusively for the Wii U eShop with no current plans for a physical version at this time, as specified by Mojang’s announcement.

Minecraft Wii U edition Gamepad in a christmas tree

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