Mineko’s Night Market: A Game to Look Forward to

Cat lovers get ready, because in 2018, you’ll be able to get your paws on Mineko’s Night Market. Meowza Games is bringing a game that will combine Japanese culture and the allure of adorable cats, two subjects that I’m very fond of. Mineko’s Night Market utilizes a unique cartoon art style that adds to the game’s cute quality. Its artistic direction is sure to bring in future players.

You take control of Mineko, who has just moved to a mysterious island overrun by cats. Everyone needs to make a living somehow, and Mineko chooses to do so through selling crafts. There’s a weekly market for her to sell her arts and crafts. She must prepare by exploring the island in search of materials in the days prior to the market. The island will offer a plethora of lovable characters to meet, as well as a variety of locations, quests, and island secrets!

Once you sell your crafts and bring in the dough, you can commence spending. The other vendors at the market offer various collectibles, snacks, and mini-games. More vendors and more offered content will appear as you begin to improve your business. As you grow your business, the market itself will grow as well. Throughout the in-game year, there will be sixteen various market events. Sumo, Kabuki theater, and karaoke are to be included in some of these events.

Mineko’s Night Market reminds me quite a bit of Animal Crossing. Both have simple game concepts, but offer plenty to do within that concept. Part of Animal Crossing‘s charm was watching your town grow. I believe watching the market grow will invoke those same feelings.

Mineko’s Night Market is a game about crafting crafts, eating eats, and catting cats,” reads the game’s official description.

Currently, it is predicted to be released for PC and Mac, but Meowza Games has said they are looking into consoles as well. You can stay updated through the Mineko’s Night Market website.

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Clyde Delabajan
Clyde Delabajan
6 years ago

Definitely a game I’d check out!