I’m Going to Blizzard World!

Blizzcon 2017 had fans at the edge of their seats as Blizzard went through the list of expansions and updates coming to its games. One of these announcements was of Overwatch‘s newest attraction, Blizzard World. The theme park map is a celebration of all things Blizzard, full of references to its games over the years. After keeping fans waiting for months, they announced the map will be released on January 23.

The map itself is an assault and payload hybrid type; however, during the initial release players will most likely just run around to find every hidden detail. Some of the rides include Blackrock Mountain, Flight to Duskwood, Tyrael’s Fall, The Hellscream, and Journey to Aiur. You can also explore places like the Darkmoon Faire from World of Warcraft, the Tristram Cathedral from Diablo, or The Hatchery Petting Zoo inspired by Starcraft. If you need a short break there are several places to get a bite to eat, like Snaxxramus or the Hearthstone Tavern. You can use the Disneyland-styled park map to make sure you hit every spot you want.

There will also be new skins obtainable from loot boxes, allowing Overwatch heroes to dress up as their favorite Blizzard characters. A few of these include Crusader Reinhardt, Barbarian Zarya, Immortal Orisa, Butcher Roadhog, Nova Widowmaker, and Doomfist’s Blackhand skin. Since the initial announcement at Blizzcon, there are sure to be even more surprises in store.

After over twenty-five years of bringing games to fans, it’s great to see some of these classics combined into one experience. So far Blizzard World looks like a labor of love, and many fans cannot wait to see it next week. In celebration of the grand opening, you can download printable Blizzard World tickets to add to the experience, so get your tickets now!

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