Mobsters, Monsters, Mysteries In Shadows Over Loathing – Out Today!

From the developers of West of Loathing comes Shadows Over Loathing, which releases today on Nintendo Switch for digital download and Fall 2023 for the physical edition.

Developed by Asymmetric, the horror-tinged stick figure-filled title is releasing today for the Switch. Set across a black and white backdrop, Shadows Over Loathing features a 1920s/Prohibition aesthetic, Lovecraftian elements and puzzles that combine to create a “slapstick RPG.” Placing you in a dark corner of an already monochromatic world, you find yourself contacted by your Uncle Murray, who has requested your help over at his antique shop. However, when you arrive, Murray is nowhere to be found. Now commences a mystery-solving adventure – it’s up to you to find him!

However, delving into your uncle’s disappearance uncovers shadowy plots that contain creepy eldritch-horror style tentacled creatures. The bigger problem however, is that they are threatening to bring on the end of the world. So you must go on to explore an open world filled with dangers, puzzles and quests all in this single-player RPG. You will also be able to take on the role of three different characters.

Play as a Jazz Agent, Cheese Wizard, Pig Skinner and many more characters, each with unique… abilities. Find out how many enemies it is possible to fit into a phone box as the Pig Skinner, control the cosmos as the Cheese Wizard and do things your way or no way as the hip Jazz Agent. With “superior stick-figure customization” and “inappropriate fishing”, Shadows Over Loathing is filled with gags, jokes and multiple goofs as you explore a frankly crazy world!

Which character will you play in Shadows Over Loathing?

Shadows Over Loathing is out on Nintendo Switch today. If you would rather wait for the physical edition, you can grab it this Fall! 

Are you interested in “talking frogs” and “a corrupt government for you to overthrow at your leisure”? Then this is the game for you!

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