Modern Warfare II Ultimate Team Promos Feature Guest Cameos

A series of “Ultimate Team” promotional trailers featuring celebrity cameos are making waves online in the build-up to the worldwide reveal of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In the latest teasers released on Call Of Duty’s official YouTube channel, American comedian Pete Davidson and music producer Steve Aoki feature alongside the 141 in an armoured transport vehicle. In each trailer, Ghost leans across to ask Price if he’s sure about the extra passenger joining them on the battlefield.

Price remarks, “Don’t worry mate, he’s with me.” Davidson asks the others if they’ve packed snacks of their own as he won’t be sharing – and that his mum packed them for him. At one point, he even asks if they’ll hold his hand out of fear. He loads an RPG and asks the team if they know how to use it, as he failed to pay attention in training; Davidson then appears to break the rocket. Price then suggests they “leave him in the truck.”

In another clip, Steve Aoki asks Kyle Garrick what’s he listening to through his headset and says, “oh, it’s me,” before eating a cake with the words stay frosty written in icing. The music producer samples the cake, adding that it “tastes like victory.” Once again, Price decides it’d be best to leave him in the transport vehicle.


Youtuber and Warzone content creator TimTheTatman makes a small cameo in a teaser – removing the scope from a sniper and making a no-scope joke (a kill with a sniper without scoping). American basketball player Trae Young pops up alongside the 141, spinning a ball on his finger while Ghost and Price look on with uncertainty at their newest recruit.

He asks if any of the 141 play basketball. No one’s interested and Price decides, once more, to keep the new recruit out of harm’s way. The worldwide reveal for Modern Warfare II drops tomorrow, June 8, while the game itself launches on October 28, 2022.

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