Monster Hunter World: Icebourne to Feature Movie Tie-In

Capcom’s action role playing game Monster Hunter: World – in particular, its arctic-themed Icebourne expansion – will be receiving a special event tied in to the upcoming Monster Hunter movie. The two-part Event Quest, which was officially announced earlier today, will debut on December 4.

Players will get the opportunity to control the film’s main character, Lieutenant Artemis, as she fights against a Black Diablos and a Greater Rathalos. Milla Jovovich, who plays Artemis in the film, lent both her voice and likeness to the tie-in event. Completing the quests will earn players rewards, including armor, titles, a Guild card background, a special pose, and some currently unrevealed “special gear.”

However, players must have achieved Master Rank in order to access the movie-themed quests. Master Rank is a new feature added alongside the Icebourne expansion, which players can unlock after having completed the main quests of Monster Hunter World.

However, non-Master ranked players can still join the action in a small way. Beginning on November 27, all players will be able to claim a free item bundle as a login bonus. The contents of this item bundle have not yet been revealed.

The Monster Hunter movie is currently scheduled to release in the UK on December 4, and December 25 in the United States. It features Artemis (Jovovich) and her elite military force being mysteriously transported to the world of Monster Hunter and learning how to defeat its dangerous inhabitants with the help of the nameless Hunter (Tony Jaa). The movie will feature monsters, including the previously mentioned Diablos and Rathalos, as well as the friendly Palicoes led by fan favorite character Meowscular Chief.

Are you looking forward to the movie tie-in event? Do you feel ready to conquer these powerful monsters alongside Artemis? Let us know in the comments below!

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