This Month’s Free Games for PS Plus

This month’s announcement for free PS Plus games have arrived.

PS4’s free games are Mafia III, in which you play a Vietnam Vet who has come home to New Bordeaux, seeking revenge against the Mafia for their involvement in the deaths of his adopted family. The second freebie for PS4 is Dead by Daylight, in which four players attempt to escape a fifth who plays the role of the killer.

For PS3, the games are Bound by Flame, an RPG in which you’re a demon possessed warrior with powers of fire, who aims to kill 7 Ice Lords. The second free game is a first-person shooter called Serious Sam 3: BFE. As for the PS Vita, gamers will get Draw Slasher, a hack and slash ninja game, and Space Hulk, a Warhammer 40,000 game.

This month’s access will allow players to download two bonus games. One for PSVR, Here They Lie, a horror game. The other is Knowledge is Power, a fun trivia game for the PS4.

The deals for the games run from August 7 – September 4. However Here They Lie will be available until October 2 and Knowledge is Power until November 6.

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