More Hyrule Warriors details

Following the leak of the latest issue of Famitsu revealing Fi as a playable character the translations by people have begun and now we have new details on the upcoming Hyrule Warriors and you can find all those details below:

– No indication as to whether or not Ghirahim is playable yet; the description in Famitsu could be be about his boss moves or character outline as general
– If Link uses Power gloves and drops off ball & chain, he can lift pillars, jars or even enemies
– With the legendary baton from Wind waker, Zelda can command winds and fight by playing songs
– You can blow enemies away with wind or the sound can turn into lightning bolts
– You can also summon tornados to snatch enemies away
– After you select a character for a stage you select the weapon
– You can’t change weapons in battle
– Weapons differ a lot from each other and it is part of the fun to test which one suits you

– Can shop between battles
– Shopping area includes at least training room, potion shop, badge shop and junk shop
– Junk shop will be introduced in a later magazine
– In training shop you can pay rupees to level up your character
– Characters also level up through normal gameplay
– Potions are one time use only and cause special effect during a battle
– It seems that one potion makes easier to obtain weapons (not entirely clear)
– Badge shop uses rupees and raw materials to buy permanent badges
– Raw materials are obtained from killing monsters and monsters have unique loot as well as some rare drops. Enemies also drop rupees
– One badge makes weak spot gauge to fill up faster
– Badge shop interface seems like a tree of sorts so I guess you have to make badges in a certain order, no word about it though
– You can see from stage select menu if a stage has heart containers or pieces to collect but you may need to use a certain character to get them
– Heart container/pieces work pretty much like in any Zelda game
– You may also obtain a power up bow from a chest
– The bow makes weak spot gauge to last longer and can attack multiple enemies from afar
– Fi moves by floating midair, can transform into a sword to slash enemies
– Link meets Fi in the Skyloft’s Goddess’ temple
– Ghirahim fights with magical swords, can summon enemies and change place in an instant, likes to toy with his enemies
– The imprisoned is tall as a mountain and emits damaging waves when it steps
– Cia twists space-time to summon forth areas from Skyward sword, e.g. Skyloft and Sealed grounds as pictured
– Pumpkin island is crashed with Skyloft as pictured

This game is easily sounding better and better and there is some really cool information here, I particularly am enjoying all the Zelda series references.

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