Pokemon OmegaRuby and Alpha Sapphire details on Secret Bases

Following the announcement I made earlier on secret bases being a returning feature for Pokémon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire more details have started being revealed about the feature and how it will play more particularly with the new game and similarities the new and old games will share with this feature. All the details on secret bases have been placed below for your enjoyment:

– Basics are still the same as in the original games
– After settling in, you can use the PC to customize your Secret Base with different items and decorate it how you like
– Scout for trainers and invite them by visiting other Secret Bases, and they’ll join you as “Secret Pals”
– Interact and battle with them
– Give your little crew a name, like the “Secret Omega Troupe”
– The Secret Pals will help make your Pokemon eggs hatch faster, along with another feature that lets you raise the level of one of your Pokémon by one
– Share Secret Bases with QR codes
– These share how many flags you’ve acquired thus far, along with your crew’s name and a personal message
– New character is Aarune
– He’s the master of Secret Bases
– Aarune is an adventurer who travels around the world but seems to have settled in the Hoenn region
– Aarune is there to tell you more about the Secret Bases and how fun they are
– You can also battle him and his trusted partner Flygon

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