More Titles Headed to Xbox Game Pass & Indie Sneak Peeks

For those looking for more titles to be added to the Xbox Game Pass, a whole host of amazing games will be coming in the near future. Coming soon for both Console and PC are:

    • Thermal, a brand new puzzle for ragdoll platformer Human Fall Flat
    • Classic fantasy RPG Alvastia Chronicles
    • Cult classic Yakuza Kiwami, a remake of the popular series’ very first installment

Plus, releasing exclusively via Xbox Game Pass for Console is the following title:

    • Laugh-out-loud space survival adventure Journey to the Savage Planet (available today)

Finally, debuting on Xbox Gaming Pass for Console are these exciting offerings:

    • Sports management experience Football Manager 2020
    • Tense, intense survival RPG Mistover
    • Nostalgic TV tie-in Stranger Things 3: The Game

Additionally, a variety of perks are constantly being released for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate holders. Get Ori-themed ship decorations in Sea of Thieves, three completely free tanks in World of Tanks, and more! These can be accessed via the Member Benefits section of the Xbox Game Pass app.

Xbox Game Pass — including the PC, Console and Ultimate versions — will be available in Japan for the first time ever, starting April 14. Read more about this announcement here.

Journey to the Savage Planet, in addition to being added to Xbox Game Pass for Console, will be receiving a new DLC. The Hot Garbage DLC will feature a host of upgrades for your spacesuit including a jetpack and underwater boots. It will release on April 15.

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Gears Tactics is scheduled to release for PC on April 28 and console sometime later this year. Tyler Bielman, the game’s design director, introduced “5 Badass Things You Need to Know About Gears Tactics” prior to the game’s launch. These exciting tidbits include:

    • The game was built specifically for PC, with a focus on speed and the number of actions available per turn
    • The playable character, “reluctant hero” Gabe Diaz, is the father of Gears 5’s Kait Diaz
    • The antagonist, Ukkon, is a mad geneticist responsible for creating many of Gears’ most iconic monsters
    • Successfully completing executions will earn bonus actions for your entire squad
    • All rewards will be earn-able in-game, with no microtransactions or loot boxes insight. Plus, the game will be filled to the brim with customizable weapons, armor, and other gear

Gears Tactics went gold on April 7. Preorder is available now, with the title also confirmed to be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC.

The Project xCloud Preview is now available for 11 additional countries in Western Europe. Plus, partner EA will be adding three new titles to the service: epic adventure Dragon Age: Inquisition, yarn-themed platform puzzler Unravel 2, and expansive virtual life creator The Sims 4. Project xCloud Preview is available for Android phones and tablets. If you’re interested in joining the preview, learn more here.

Next came the announcement of several exciting indie titles coming to Xbox soon. Hardcore top-down shooter Hotline Miami Collection is available for download now on the Xbox One. A new trailer was revealed for Atomicrops, a unique post-apocalyptic farm simulator in which you must plant and harvest crops – all the while using high-powered weapons to defend them from a number of dangerous monsters. Atomicrops launches May 28.

Director Steven Burgess provided the first-ever look at the gameplay of Hello Games’ upcoming dark fantasy title, The Last Campfire. Fans have been eagerly awaiting more news on The Last Campfire since it was first teased in 2018.

Players take on the role of Ember, a lost, well, ember, who is looking for a campfire to call home. The gameplay sneak peek highlighted the game’s beautifully designed environment, the gentle voice of the narrator who accompanies Ember on their journey, and the wide variety of puzzles that Ember must solve in order to rescue other flames and rekindle the light of hope. The Last Campfire is planned for release in Summer 2020.

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