Murdered: Soul Suspect- Buried Trailer

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a dark, intense, crime thriller coming from Airtight and Square Enix.  It follows the tale of a young man named, Ronan O’Connor.  He was brutally murdered and comes back from the dead to solve the case of his own death, using newly acquired ghost-powers to uncover clues.  He also has the capability to possess people in order to read their notes and eavesdrop on conversations.  Based on what’s been shown in the video, Murdered: Soul Suspect looks like it’s gearing up to be gritty, intense, and filled with mystery and who-dunits.

Seeing as how this is Square Enix, and this appears to be some sort of supernatural thriller, I’m waiting for the trailer where the ghosts come out.  Not the people-looking ghosts, but the hulking, imagination-ridden abominations that will ultimately appear in a game like this.  Yeah, those ones!  It may or may not happen, but I am waiting.  Watch.  It’s happening people.

There’s a Limited Edition which includes an Interactive Digital Strategy Map, a Journal that looks like the one used by the main character, and will only be available in limited quantities.  Hence, Limited Edition.  That’s how that usually works.  Sometimes.  Or, it shows up as an overblown version on Ebay, where you pay ten times the original price.  It will be available June 3rd, 2014 on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.


Source: Gamebolt & RockPaperShotgun

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