Watch Dogs will recieve exclusive content on Playstation consoles

Watch Dogs already seems like a very interesting game that while futuristic in its setting dosen’t seem like it is to far off for us know.

While Watch Dogs seems great to get on any console Ubisoft is going to give us more reason to buy this for our Playstation 3 or 4’s. Apparently on the Playstation version of the game is providing a whole extra hour of  gameplay content in the form of four extra missions also included will be a unique White Hat Hacker Outfit.

Players will gain a better understanding and more knowledge on the powerful faction known as DedSec when they experience this extra content. Completing the bonus missions will result in unlocking the Superior Capacitity bonus, this will give players an extra Battery Slot.

In addition Sony has also announced bundles for the Playstation 3 and 4 consoles that will be partnered with this game on its release date. Watch Dogs will be released worldwide on May 27th for all platforms Wii U later in 2014.

Source: Playstation Universe



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