My Top 5 PS3 Games of all time.

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  1. jakdripr says:

    Why not just call them your top games of all time(or is it 2013? I’m a little confused) since every single one is multiplatform?

  2. Mauricio Marulanda says:

    I though this was a ps3 game list. I think you might be confused. Like uncharted, god of war, infamous, the last of us, little big planet etc.

    1. Mugiwara_Luffy says:

      ^ This guy knows what he’s talking about 🙂

  3. sprungmonkey says:

    What a stupid list !! Misleading people by mentioning “PS3” to get more views/clicks !!

    1. GameLuster says:

      Although I could agree the games might not be the most common choice , the author has the right to choose what games he likes, even if it is multiplatform, since they are PS3 games. I would say one looses hits for excluding the “Xbox360”

  4. Anthony Dennis says:

    Hey I wrote the incorrect heading for the article

  5. Anthony Dennis says:

    This is (MY TOP 5 LIST) so these are the games that I mostly like on the PS3 🙂

  6. born_naughty says:

    I believe we have a very different taste in games Anthony. Tomb Raider I’ve never played but I was disappointed in about all the games you mentioned. Batman Arkam’s fighting mechanice feels repetitive and frustrating (when I’m fighting and guys are shooting me at the same time). The world of Amalur didn’t appeal to me and didn’t seem to have any character, I didn’t like the story either and was never drawn in. I can never get used to the controls of Assassin’s creed games. I can’t count how many times I’ve fallen to my death because of the controls. And Skyrim, the world and scenery are incredibly beautiful I agree, but I miss a good story to get me to continue, there’s nothing to keep me going and I never want to pick it up. I want to like Skyrim, but I just don’t.