Top five Nintendo DS games I want like to arrive on the Wii U Virtual Console

It has been known for a while that DS games would be arriving on the Wii U Virtual Console, however we are only now seeing these games begin to arrive. So know with the games arriving it is time to consider the games I would like to see arrive, which I have considered.

Diddy Kong Racing DS

I am aware that this game appeared on my Nintendo 64 wish list, but in thinking about it the DS remake seems like a much more likely candidate. Diddy Kong Racing on the DS removed any Rare owned characters from the game and brought the much loved 64 game to the portable console. Should it be an issue to bring the 64 game to the Virtual Console I would still like to see one version of this game even if it the DS game come to the Virtual Console.


Nintendogs box art

I am not certain how well this idea would work, nor am I sure whether this game would even ever come to the Virtual Console but still I can dream can I not. Nintendo created a fun game to play on the DS with Nintendogs which allowed people to raise their own virtual dog and raise them up. My reason for thinking this game has no chance is that it does work better as a portable game and it is meant to be that way. However I feel it would still work well and be a fun game to have available on the Wii U Virtual Console, and it would give us a perfect game to give to children to play.

The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass


The Zelda franchise has always been a perfect fit for any platform (apart from Skyward Sword, which the game would not work on any other platform apart from the Wii), however there is one game out there in the franchise that I feel would fit better, The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass. This particular Zelda title is the follow up to the great Wind Waker from the GameCube and it is a really good game, however underrated. Because of the DS as a platform Phantom Hourglass was ignored by many and for some reason hated by others. This game was really good and I can’t stress that enough and without a doubt it needs a second chance to shine and show the world what it’s got and what better place than that of the Wii U Virtual Console. Sure no improvements can be made to the game nor any kind of overhaul but that does not matter we need to look past the flaws of this game, and there are many and give it a second chance. If Nintendo wishes to show off how DS games would fit on the Wii U then this is the perfect game and even though I own the DS game I would buy again without a single complaint or second thought.

Pokémon Ranger


There are many Pokémon games I considered but for many reasons my mind drifted back to this classic. I considered the Mystery Dungeon games but found that some of the game might not translate well to the Virtual Console. I considered the main series Pokémon games but we all know that will never happen, so much of the games would be lost and just would not work. Finally I considered Pokémon Link and while this was a contender it is Pokémon Ranger that kept drawing me back. In my memory this is the game that destroyed a brand new set of screen protectors on my DS, but I don’t regret it because I was having fun. Now if any game would translate well to the Wii U as a DS Virtual Console release then I feel this game would work quite well. If I remember correctly the top screen usage in this game was very minimal and most of the action was on the bottom screen, however I still feel this will be a good fit with the Gamepad playing perfect host to this games unique style. This in thanks in turn to how the game had you drawing circles around Pokémon in order to capture and save them. I personally doubt that this game will arrive but I can hope can’t I.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village


Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the place where many of our love affairs with the puzzling professor took place. Personally for myself my love for the franchise began with the second game but why wish for the second game in a franchise without already having the first, so this is where Curious Village comes in. The true high point of this franchise was in its third entry but sadly not a whole lot of people have experienced the original trilogy so why shouldn’t we go back and take a trip to where it all began (technically). If Phantom Hourglass can be a perfect fit for the DS Virtual Console then without a doubt so can this game, with a bigger screen to immerse ourselves in the games fantastic mystery, story and of course puzzle solving it would be foolish for Nintendo and Level 5 not to make use of this perfect opportunity. Not to mention it lights the way for the rest of the original trilogy which are definitely some essential games to play.

You can find the Nintendo 64 games I wish to see arrive on the Virtual Console here.

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