Its official Nintendo has released Nintendo 64 games onto the Wii U Virtual Console, for European’s and Australian’s we were lucky enough to receive two great games Super Mario 64 as well as one game we have been waiting a long time for Donkey Kong 64. We know more games will arrive in the future but who knows which ones, so I decided to make my picks for the five games I would like to see arrive on the Wii U Virtual Console.

Yoshi Story

Okay, I think my first pick for a Nintendo 64 game to arrive on the Virtual Console is extremely realistic mainly because it did arrive previously on the Wii Virtual Console. Yoshi Story is easily my top pick for a Nintendo 64 game I would like to see arrive and for good reason, I previously played a small bit of this little game in my childhood and absolutely adored it. It was cute, it was challenging and more importantly it was fun, I have continued on for years wanting to play this game though I never was able to get it on the Wii. Though this is not my only reasoning for wanting to see this game arrive on the Wii U, for years I have been hearing this game receive a bad reputation from players and I feel it needs another shot so they can see this games real charm and potential. Also I just loved the music in this game, it was beautiful.

Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing Box Art

This one is not quite so realistic but I can dream can I not, Diddy Kong Racing was developed by Rare and was a fun racing game featuring Donkey Kong’s sidekick Diddy along with a whole host of other characters. There is a reason as to why this game will not come such as Banjo and Conker being in the game, but I think if nothing else Donkey Kong 64 should be a sign that it is possible. This game was very much loved by fans and what I remember playing of this game I enjoyed I just want another chance for myself and others to immerse ourselves in this game and have fun racing in another wacky racer.

Pokemon Stadium 2


I could have picked either Pokemon Stadium game but I decided you know what the second game offered just that little bit more than the original. How better to re-experience the classic era of Pokemon then in this Stadium fighter which featured 251 Pokemon. One of the big reasons why I want this game back is so I can play all those wonderful minigames that kept me and my sisters happy in our childhood. Without a doubt that was the best part of the game, but there was still a whole lot more there to enjoy that should still be good to play all these years later.

Pokemon Snap


I would much rather a sequel but who knows if that is ever going to happen, so I settle with this photography game that showed how much fun it could be to take photos of Pokemon. Pokemon Snap has seen a Virtual Console release on the Wii and is also still available on the platform but this is not about that this is about the Wii U Virtual Console. For those who don’t own a Wii or would rather use the Wii U for their gaming experience this would be the perfect game to bring around again as one of those games that you can enjoy time and time again. This particular photography game is clever and would make for a perfect game to play on the Wii U thanks to the Virtual Console, perhaps even making use of restore points could be done to get that stupid Gyarados.

F-Zero X

F-Zero X Box Art

Just like Pokemon Snap we as gaming fans/ Nintendo fans have dreamed that Nintendo would bring about a brand new F-Zero game, however they still seem to have no plans. So how do you satisfy fans of the F-Zero franchise, how else but bring the second F-Zero game F-Zero X to the Wii U Virtual Console to keep the fans happy. Sure it won’t have the modern touches that fans crave but it would not matter, it would be the F-Zero game that fans argue is the best and it would keep them content. As for myself I have never properly experienced the F-Zero games apart from the original Super Nintendo game in a small part and would like to try something different that I hear is great. This fast paced racer will be great to see arrive on the Virtual Console and would be sure to keep us happy and entertained.

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7 years ago

Personally I’d pay full retail price for Pokemon Snap.

Simon Smith
7 years ago
Reply to  Prizm

Personally so I would I, however on a more realistic level a cheap Virtual Console release is far more likely. It is one game that would be great to see arrive once again as a retail game, here’s hoping for a sequel.

7 years ago

I’m really happy that Donkey Kong 64 it’s coming, a great 3D platformer. All of these games would be great, i would like Conker’s Bad Fur Day as well, but i guess that’s not possible, because MS owns the series now.

7 years ago
Reply to  Diegoctba

DK64 is an awesome choice, I also don’t think Nintendo would be able to release Conker. Most likely to complicated to work it out with MS

Simon Smith
7 years ago
Reply to  GameLuster

I am glad to have Donkey Kong 64 here on the Virtual Console, having returned to the game again I remember why it is I fell in love with the game in my childhood. In the case with Conker I really feel that if the game was released on the 64