What would be fun to do in Super Smash Brothers then playing as a cube of meat, personally I think a whole lot of things but either way independent studio really wants to see their character Super Meat Boy to appear in Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS.

The developers at Team Meat are currently urging people to go and vote for Super Meat Boy to appear in Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo Super Smash Brothers Poll. They are dedicated to their character appearing as the new playable fighter, however personally I am not a fan and thing this is not a really satisfying idea.

Nintendo announced during their Nintendo Direct presentation last week, that fans can vote for their favorite character to appear as the next big fighter in Super Smash Brothers. I to voted but I chose to vote for Cranky Kong as he needs to show those young whippersnappers what for and show he was not all talk in Donkey Kong Country.

While I don’t have any interest in the character and don’t have a clue how he would work in Super Smash Brothers are you going to vote for him? Personally if you wish to vote I think a whole lot of better prospects for characters.

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