Natural Instincts Launches Kickstarter Campaign

DreamStorm Studios today announced the start of their Kickstarter campaign for their newest project, Natural Instincts. Billed as an “interactive nature documentary sim, players will be tasked with managing animals and working to keep the environment balanced among various species. They are currently shooting for a goal of CAD 15,000. The press release announcing the Kickstarter gives the following synopsis.

Discover the animal kingdom as it has never been seen before. Give hints to the animals and save them from harm in this unique environmental simulator. Keep the balance in the ecosystem, watch over the animals, and take care of their safety and development. Show them how to find water and food. Be their guide and protector, and you’ll soon see the results as the animals repay you by learning from your actions.

Players will be tasked with managing the wildlife within a given biome and given the option to “let nature take its course” or potentially nudge it along by warning particular creatures of impending threats. Natural and human-made disasters will challenge players by deciding which beings can be saved. Specific directions can be given to individual animals, and players will be able to influence how entire species can change through a “natural selection” mechanic. One could theoretically make a super-predator, or a herbivore capable of outrunning them every time (given a reasonable degree of health).

The game looks to be set in Europe, but stretch goals indicate the intention to open up other biomes, such as the African savanna, Antarctica, and the Pacific Ocean. Currently, the game is slated only to be launched on PC via Steam. There is no release date as of yet, though the backer rewards have a tentative date of September 2020.

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