New ARMS Fighter “Dr. Coyle” Available Now

Another ARMS fighter swings onto the scene: Dr. Coyle, “The Rad Scientist,” is rearin’ to go and ready to rumble.

On December 21, ARMS major title update V5.0 was released (for free) and included the new fighter, a few new Arms, a playable stage, and some other minor adjustments for balance. Be sure to check out the trailer below, which features an eerie “mad scientist” rendition of the classic ARMS theme song to set the mood.

As a certified, well-known genius and standing director of ARMS Laboratories, Dr. Coyle has been eagerly waiting for her moment to strike and enter the famed ARMS Grand Prix tournament. She’s been tinkering, researching, and working tirelessly to craft the tools required to become “the most powerful ARMS fighter of all time.” Will this levitating leviathan be the bane of your ARMS existence, or will you use her power to dominate foes and claim your own rise to victory?

Her custom-themed arena, new flavored arms, and the V5.0 update are all available for download. Start up ARMS and the download should start immediately.

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