Arms Trailers Show Off Characters and Weapons

Sometime this Spring, Nintendo is set to bring Switch owners a new kind of fighting game: Arms.

Arms will have some interesting and diverse characters and weapons. A new trailer details each characters’ general abilities:

Spring Man is your standard all around character. When dashing he builds up a shockwave which is able to repel attacks. At low health Spring Man will have permanent access to charge attacks, which will allow players to make a comeback even when circumstances are dire.

Ribbon Girl is your agile character, capable of constantly performing mid-air jumps. She is also capable of a quick drop maneuver which can help dodge an opponents’ aerial attack.

Ninjara has the ability to create a smoke screen when he uses his air dash ability. This will allow him to vanish temporarily. Ninjara can warp while guarding to further dodge attacks, and then come in for his own.

Master Mummy – a mummy – is capable of taking hits while not being pushed back. This allows him to push towards opponents with ease. He can also restore his health by guarding – obviously, a perk of being a mummy.

Mechanica is a heavyweight character who has the ability to hover in mid-air thanks to her robotic suit. She is also difficult to stun, similar to Master Mummy, but with less stun resistance.

A weapons trailer was also released:

Toaster looks like a standard boxing glove, but when charged they catch fire and can set opponents on fire. When hit by this, opponents will take a lot of damage and will always get knocked down. This is true even for Master Mummy.

Megaton is a metal ball that is capable of dealing large chunks of damage, but is quite slow. When charged up, it gets bigger, making it hard for opponents to dodge and allowing one to knock back enemy hits with relative ease.

Sparky looks like a yellow boxing glove that, when charged, fills with electricity. This allows you to stun your opponent and go in for further attacks.

Boomerang acts like a standard boomerang. You can throw these around obstacles to hit opponents by guiding them, and can charge these to blow opponents away when they are hit.

Revolver allows players to shoot opponents from a distance with three quick shots, and when charged will stun the opponent. However, the bullets fired from this weapon are easily deflected.

Slapamander is a giant hand ready to be thrown around like a whip with a wide arc. When charged, the Slapamander ignites and will deal more damage.

You can mix all the weapons around. By this, you can find a combination that suits you from a wide variety.

Are you excited to try out these characters and weapons? Are you looking forward to playing Arms? Let us know in the comments.

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