New Class Revealed For Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Expansion!

Those of us who are looking forward to the release of the Stormblood expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, be prepared for the new announcement. The next class for the series’ expansion has just been announced with a new reveal trailer. So what class can we expect along with the Red Mage? Drum roll please…we will see the Samurai class be introduced for Stormblood.

Now to the main question we are all thinking, what category will the Samurai class fall into tank or dps? Despite what we might expect, the new class is set to be a dps class with armor similar to the Monk class. Although some of us may have been hoping for another tank class, the heavensward expansion already gave us a new tank and healer and dps so this time square wanted to bring in two more dps classes to add to the variety. Instead of being a tank class, the samurai will use their lai techniques to cause front line damage and will be a striking dps. The class will also begin at level 50 for the new expansion, there is still time to finish the heavensward story line and prepare for the next expansion which is already promising new areas and more game play.

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