New details for Pokemon Sun and Moon revealed in latest trailer

Earlier today The Pokemon Company and Game Freak let loose with even more details in relation to Pokemon Sun and Moon, like last time this came in the form of a trailer but did not deliver an information overload. To start the trailer we were provided with the most important piece of information, the legendary Pokemon, these were shown at the end of the last trailer but were left alone for a month for us to speculate about their typing and names, and now all has been revealed.

The trailer opened up to reveal the Pokemon Sun legendary who it turns out is Psychic and steel type by the name of Solageo, his special move is called the Sunsteel strike and the ability Full Metal Body which helps his move. This reveal breaks many rumors that suggested that Solageo was going to be part fire type, instead the psychic typing is the major point of interest. This ties into the legendary for Pokemon Moon who is called Lunala, this one is a psychic and ghost type, and has the ability of Shadow Shield, his special move is the Moongiest Beam attack. These new Pokemon are breaking from the typical trend and it is nice to see psychic type legendaries getting the spotlight, hopefully this typing will tie in with the plot.

The new trailer also presents us with the Alola region, and lets just say it, this is the closest thing to the Anime Orange Islands we are ever going to get, and I am actually pretty happy about this. A quick overview of the world that this game inhabits shows off six islands of varying sizes, this ties in with the Hawaiian island theme very well, there appears to be plenty of cities and even open landscapes to explore, many of which were shown in the trailer. With the showing of this world I feel Game Freak is preparing the ultimate Pokemon game and the unique set up could make for a wonderful adventure, could there be more freedom? Or, could there be more of a story impact and many more plot developments, better yet will be get to dive under the water and unravel a series of mysteries in this region, the questions and room for theories are endless. This world also looks a lot better then Pokemon X and Y, and features many more camera angle shifts that present an even greater sense of scale.

The newest trailer also revealed officially the Pokemon professor and our new friend, the professor is called Kukui and is the young guy shown in the last trailer also his name is tied to a tree which continues the Oak, Elm, Birch, and Rowan theme. Also our friend from the last trailer has now also been named Hau, expect a bubbly personality but not someone that we are really going to remember. The new trailer also saw the reveal of a brand new character named Lillie, she is stern faced in the character art and this fits well with the description, she is Kukui’s mysterious assistant. What is this character up to, what is her motivation, what impact will she have on the story, I don’t think I have ever been this intrigued by a character shown in a game trailer before.

Finally, the trailer shown off a new version of the Pokedex that is sure to further cement the bond between Pokemon and trainer relations. The newest Pokedex has a Rotom in it and has the ability to speak, this has been presented in the game/trailer as a new way for Pokemon and humans to communicate, it is nothing special but sure is a cool idea that will interesting to explore in the games, lets just hope the games rationale behind this is explored. You can watch the new trailer below for all this interesting information, who knows what small detail you might notice:

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