New details on Hyrule Warriors another playable character revealed and Zant

It seems we are hearing something new about Hyrule Warriors of late with new details coming out in all different forms. One of the key point of detail that has been revealed recently came in the form of the knowledge of there being quite a number of playable characters also characters that are gone somehow returning such as Midna from Twilight Princess. The latest issue of Famitsu has run another story of Hyrule Warriors and as such new details have been revealed relating to new characters and the return of another character from the Zelda series.

While it not completely clear the current thought based on the leaks form the latest Famitsu are actually suggesting that we could be playing as Agatha from Twilight Princess. This will be a really rare and unusual appearance particularly for a character that people may not even know about. She was one of the random NPC characters that really had no relevance I even often forgot her name and began calling her the crazy bug girl but then againa character that we know next to nothing about could be really good and provide an experience far more refined then previously known characters.

Another point from Famitsu is the appearance of Zant apparently set for Hyrule Warriors, Zant was the main villain in Twilight Princess and a constant annoyance to us playing. I would say that this has something to do with the main villain which can only be suggested as people who have played Twilight Princess will know why.

What do you think of this news, do you have any theories? Please let us know in the comments?

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