New Detroit: Become Human Trailer Features Kara’s Gameplay

Back in 2015 during Paris Games Week, Sony and Quantic Dream revealed what the Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls studio had been working on. This was Detroit: Become Human, a game that casts players in the role of an android in a world where androids are merely tools for people. Among the most interesting parts in this trailer was Kara, an instantly likable character who just wants to live equally in a world where her beliefs are deemed wrong.

After two years and the reveal of two other playable characters, Connor, Marcus, and Kara returned to the screen, this time in a trailer focused on one of the difficult choices Kara will face.

The trailer took place in the home of Todd Williams, a single father to a daughter, Alice. Here Kara acts as a housekeeper who was previously reprogrammed by Todd. Part of the reason for this was to hide the seedy side of Todd’s unstable relationship with Alice, but after an argument with Alice, the trailer showed one way the story could play out, with Todd committing an horrific act. However, actions could have proceeded differently, and the game will have you make a slew of choices affecting the story and the fates of Kara and Alice.

Much like Heavy Rain, your character can die through a series of bad choices, and the story will progress without them.

Sony has not yet confirmed a release date for Detroit: Become Human, but it is slated for 2018.

Check out the new trailer below:

Image: Games On Lock

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