New games made available on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility

Microsoft has not been doing a bad job with their backwards compatibility for their Xbox One, each month since the feature arrived Microsoft has released a small batch of new games and now Microsoft has announced and released their next batch of games. Sorry to those waiting the Bioshock games and the other previously announced games are not part of this lineup, but that does not mean there is not games that people want in this latest addition.

Among the latest lineup of games for January you will be able to get hold of Aegis Wing, Age of Booty, Counter-Strike GO, Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad Arcade, Sam & Max Save the World, Skullgirls, Small Arms, Soulcalibur, and Space Giraffe. Though from the latest additions the most important one is The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings, which will be free to specific regions and should appease The Witcher 3 fans. Remember to get hold of these games free on the Xbox One you will need to own the game either via Xbox Live or on disc.

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