New Mega Man animated series in the works for TV

It has been such a long time since I last a television series for the Mega Man franchise, if I am correct the last one I saw was around ten years ago for the Mega Man Battle Network series of games which had a tie in TV show.  The Battle Network series was a great show and hopefully a brand new one could be equally as good, and now we know one is coming. Dentsu Entertainment USA has partnered with Man of Action Entertainment for a brand new Mega Man animated series, as Deadline reports.

Man of Action Entertainment will be in charge of most of the work done for the show, they will cover writing, creating, and executive producing the show. Dentsu Entertainment on the other hand holds the worldwide broadcast and liscening rights.

As of right now 26 episodes are in the works, and according to Deadline we should expect to see them arrive in 2017, as long as everything goes to plan. The planned 2017 release for the show will tie in with the franchises 30th anniversary and what a better way to celebrate. I imagine we will get more details on the show in the neat future, just stay tuned and keep watching.


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