Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories has been announced for PC, Mobile and Nintendo

Natsume has announced the latest game for the Harvest Moon franchise, the new game titles Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories has been announced to arrive for PC, Mobile platforms and the Wii U. The notable change with this release is that there is currently no plans for a 3DS release which is where the last few entries in the popular farming franchise has appeared.

As of yet for the Wii U release no official decisions have been made as to whether the game will arrive on the console as a physical or digital release, disappointingly I am currently leaning towards Natsume making the decision to go digital with the release.

Natsume has given the following details on the new game:

Go back to the roots of Harvest Moon in the latest installment of the series! Inspired by the old-school gameplay of the very first games, Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories will bring players a sense of nostalgia, along with exciting gameplay twists.

Tasked with the job of revitalizing a farm, players will need to befriend the villagers in town to unlock the titular “Seeds of Memories”! Seeds can be unlocked in many ways, such as giving a villager their favorite item, catching a giant fish, or by raising their first cow. Players will need to be up to the challenge of collecting all of the Seeds of Memories!

Old favorites return in the animal department with cows, sheep, and chickens, along with a horse to ride, and a dog to keep as a pet! Farmers will also have a new pet to take care of, but it isn’t what they’d expect… It’s a bobcat! The bobcat starts out wild, but as players befriend the animal, can they convince the bobcat to become their loyal friend?

Featuring cooking, fishing, foraging, and mining, players will need to upgrade their tools to find the highest-quality items. Players will also be able to participate in contests and festivals like the Cooking Contest and Starry Night Festival! Woo one of the ten marriage candidates – 5 bachelors and 5 bachelorettes – and find that special someone to make their farming life complete!

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories will arrive sometime this winter, no official release date has been decided at this time.

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