New PS3 redesign unveiled. A slight price increase?

There had been rumors of a new PS3 redesign of a slimmer version and now Sony has confirmed that a new PS3 is indeed coming

The new design makes the PS3 around 25% smaller from the previous slim model.But size isn’t the only change, the biggest change is it has opted for top loading disc tray instead of the previous front load mechanism.

It looks like PS3 is the only system that looses things with every subsequent model release. List Below breakdown pricing for each Region

North America:

  • 500GB launches October 30th for $299 (Bundled with Assassins Creed 3)
  • 250GB launches September 25th for $269 (Bundled with Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception: Game of the Year edition)


  •  500GB launches September 25th for €299
  • 12GB (Flash Memory)  launches October 12th for €229


  • 500GB launches October 30th for 29,800 Yen (tax incl.)
  • 250GB launches October 4th for 24,900 Yen (tax incl.)

I’m somewhat surprised with the temporary price increase the 250gb US model is getting. Although it comes with Uncharted 3 and Dust 514 I still think it should have have been $250. Xbox 360 always has holiday bundles but they never do a price increase. And with the upcoming Wii U release I would have expected they would try to be more competitive with a price cut. Seems Sony is try to go for profit instead of market share. And the 12GB PS3  seems way overprice and pointless to get but will only be available in Europe for the moment.





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