New Splatoon amiibo’s coming in July

Nintendo is expanding upon their Splatoon amiibo range, the company has officially revealed amiibo’s based on in game pop stars Callie and Marie on July 8th. The pair will be sold together in a bundle for $24.99, and tapping them into Splatoon will unlock new songs for players to enjoy.

Furthermore Nintendo is also releasing recolored versions of their previous Splatoon amiibo’s Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl, and Inkling Squid. They will be sold as a group for $34.99, and Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl will also be sold separately for $12.99 each. The re-colored amiibo will launch alongside the new Callie and Marie figures on July 8.

You can find this announcement trailer for the new amiibo’s below:

Personally, I feel these amiibo’s are pointless add-on’s for the game, however from a collector’s standpoint these will be worth owning for display purposes.

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