Limited Run Games looking at potential Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water physical release

At this point in time Limited Run Games is a group you should be aware of, in the Playstation market they have been releasing several different digital games in physical form. These games of course are exactly what the name suggests they only arrive in small runs with limited quantities as shown with games like Oddworld which they recently did. To date most of their work has consisted of Playstation games, but it appears the company is looking into doing work with Nintendo.

In a discussion with a game player on twitter they were asked if they would do Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water, in response they shared that are “trying to work towards a Fatal Frame 5 release”.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water did receive a physical release in Europe but Nintendo never offered such a deal to North America. If this does go forward this could be a big deal for Nintendo and fans alike, and could offer more opportunities down the line.

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