New Splatoon details, Local Multiplayer, Hero Mode and a whole lot more

This weeks issue of Japanese publication Famitsu contained quite a few new details about Nintendo’s upcoming brand new IP Splatoon, and might I add there are a number of exciting ones, Hero Mode or Local Multiplayer anyone. You can read a summary of the key details for the game below:

-Team made up of lots of staff that worked on Wii U launch titles. Once they’d grasped the hardware, they wanted to create something innovative.
-Working on a local multiplayer mode in addition to online and Hero Mode
-Hero mode is predominantly a 3D platformer with heavy emphasis on human-squid transformations
-Random matching is done world wide, game tries to place you with players close to your skill level based on ratings
-Tried implementing a system whereby you could give orders to your team mates, but battles were too quick and hectic for them to be effective so they got rid of the feature
-Game won’t use CPU fighters; only once 8 human players have been found will a match start
-Having multiple modes with random matching would limit the number of players per mode, so all the focus is on the 4 vs. 4 for that
-No communication with players you are matched with
-They didn’t think of using Bloopers when they decided on squids (they apparently forgot they existed)
-No money can be earned in Hero Mode. Your points, as displayed at the end of the match, are turned into money and experience points.
-A lot of the music is written by Tooru Minegishi (who has worked on Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Super Mario)

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