Paradox Interactive has announced First Contact, a new Story Pack for their sci-fi strategy game Stellaris. True to the title, First Contact will add an array of events and mechanics for meeting pre-FTL civilizations. With the proviso that some features may require content sold separately, First Contact includes:

New Civilization Origins:

Broken Shackles: After alien abduction, you and the other captives took control of the ship and have since established a new colony on board. Now must you find a way to thrive in this new environment… while your former captors watch from afar?

Payback: You play as a civilisation that didn’t believe in other forms of intelligent life, until you were invaded. Now that you’ve stopped the invasion and taken back your planet, you have access to their advanced technology, which you are now about to use for exploring the galaxy further.

Fear of the Dark: You have been exploring your home system, and you’ve always suspected that there are others in the galaxy. Recently, one of your planets experienced an “incident” which led many members of your society to advocate against venturing into the unknown. What path will you take as you realise that growth is necessary?

Stellaris First Contact Choices
Choose how you go about your First Contact with new civilizations and their empires.

New Pre-FTL Interactions: With new mechanics that allow for a broader range of interactions with pre-FTL civilizations, you’ll be able to decide origin stories for burgeoning intergalactic civilizations. Some will view your arrival as an auspicious occasion, while others may panic in response.

Cloaking Technology: Equip your ships with cloaking devices and conduct secret surveys or detect potential threats without them knowing. You can also set up hidden observation posts in order to keep tabs on your pre-FTL neighbours, just be sure that the strength of your own scanners and intelligence are adequate, you never know who might be lurking around.

Stellaris First Contact 1
Will you come in peace?

The First Contact story pack will launch alongside the free 3.7 ‘Canis Minor’ update. Are you looking forward to this Story Pack? Let us know what you think in the comments below. And for more on Paradox Interactive, including news about their staff layoffs, stay tuned right here at GameLuster.


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