New Super Lucky’s Tale Jumps To Switch In November

Back during the Nintendo E3 Direct, New Super Lucky’s Tale was briefly shown during a sizzle reel, revealing the former Microsoft exclusive for the Switch. Not much had been said about the game since, but developer Playful Studios has finally announced a release date for the colorful platformer. The game is set to arrive on November 8 where it will arrive both physically and digitally.

New Super Lucky’s Tale is said to be something a love letter to classic 3D adventure platformers. Namely, the game takes inspiration from Super Mario 64 among other games from the same era, offering as an assortment of collectible to discover, secrets waiting to found, and a lot of characters and costumes to enjoy. New Super Lucky’s Tale is said to be “a challenging delight for players of all ages and skill levels”, that features an “incredible” variety of gameplay with hubs, story-based adventure levels, 2D side-scrolling challenges, mini-games, puzzles, and boss battles. In case you happened to play the original that released exclusively on Microsoft platforms in 2017 and wondered if it worth double-dipping, it must be noted that this is an expanded version of the original game.

The adventures of Lucky in New Super Lucky’s Tale begin on Switch on November 8th. For now, if you want to see if the game might appeal to you, there is a trailer below that shows off our cute protagonist and some of the worlds waiting to be explored.

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