With the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie heading to the big screen on April 7th, the internet is full of marketing and merchandise to support the movie. Produced by Nintendo, Universal Pictures and Illumination, the movie follows Mario, the beloved Italian plumber as he travels through an underground labyrinth with his brother, Luigi to save a captured princess. With toys available in Mcdonald’s Happy Meals if you live in the U.S as well as an abundance of advertisements both on Youtube and Twitch, the movie is not something that can be easily missed.

However, fans excited for the upcoming movie can now purchase toys from JAKKS Pacific which is a toy company based in the U.S that already has its fair share of Super Mario related merchandise. Set to be available before the movie’s release, these toys will be available around the end of February or the beginning of March. For those interested in getting a sneak peek of what will be available, Youtuber, M&L Toys posted a video showing exactly what will be featured, including everyone from Peach, Mario and Toad to other beloved Super Mario characters. We will talk about the toys in more depth below so spoiler warning if you would like to be surprised.

The figurines and play-sets will feature the aforementioned characters as well as a Question Mark Block which can be unfolded to reveal a background for your character to stand in front of as well as a figurine dedicated to the much-loved Bowser. The play-sets include a replica of a plumber’s van with accompanying Mario (which you can also unfold) as well as one of Peach’s castle with the inside hiding some levels that fans of the franchise are familiar with.

Screenshot taken from M&L Games on Youtube

Although there has been no official release date for these Super Mario toys, make sure to stay tuned to the JAKKS Pacific website closer to the time to see if you can nab yourself some merchandise.

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