New Super Mario Brothers U – GameStop Expo 2012 Impression

New Super Mario Brothers U was one of the first games I was able to try out the expo. The game looks quite good, from a graphics and art design standpoint. I was a bit impressed with the graphics, I wasn’t expecting much difference but it was quite noticeble. Also the art design in the game felt alot better and creative from the past New Super Mario Brothers games.

There were three stages but I really only got to the play the first two and partially the last one. The PR Lady would make us restart from first stage when someone would leave so I got a good grasp of the first stage. It basically played like the Wii version with the added player who would do the touch screen and add random blocks.

The first stage is very simlar to most of the first stages in mario games. It had the flying squirrel power up, which actually acts very simlar to propeller suit except with a bit different handling. If you do boost jump with it you glide more abruptly towards the ground but if you just jump then you can glide more gracefully.

The second stage was a cloud stage where you can easily fall to your death. It had the pink Yoshi’s which when you shake the remote the would become balloons and you would float up. You could just float through the whole stage but keep shaking the remote, which I did to see if it was possible.

The last stage was a night stage> I just got halfway before the lady made us restart but it looks like the was most impressive stage. Who knows maybe it will have a Night World or something similar.

This game uses the Wii U GamePad very poorly. it was so tedious, boring and not engaging that I was dreading every minute using it. Nintendo should looks at Rayman Legends on how to preoperly use the new Wii U GamePad controller.

This game looks like the definitive improved sequel, but sadly it is the fourth iteration and the series is starting to fatigue.


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