New Nintendo Switch eShop Update Improves Functionality

Despite the general quality of the Nintendo Switch as a whole, it’s not a system without flaws. Among the biggest concerns is the Nintendo eShop; the poor design of the service made it difficult to find games to buy. New and popular games were visible in the trending tab or in new releases, but those less fortunate were often lost to the long list of games that had been forgotten, only being given a chance to live again by a resurgent sale or pure luck.

With how vocal Switch users were about the eShop’s terrible design it was only a matter of time before Nintendo improved the service. With a new update Nintendo has began to change things for the better with new functionality that makes it easier to find games across the service. A new “Featured” tab is now present on the eShop, where Nintendo presents an assortment of categories to help users find new releases, upcoming games, or older titles that were previously lost. In addition, the “Best Sellers” charts have also been improved. The system now shows the top 30 games on the service, and this can even be split between showing all games or download-only games. With this simple update, the eShop is now infinitely better to navigate and will help users get the most out of the wide variety of games offered on the system.

The next step for Nintendo will likely be to face the next request and add music to the eShop. Perhaps the company will come up with a jingle as iconic and memorable as the Wii Shop Channel theme, because people are crying out for this.

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