Bandai Namco Announces Release Date for Code Vein

Bandai Namco has officially revealed that its upcoming Dark Souls-esque game Code Vein will have a release date of September 27 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and September 28 on Steam.

Much like its Dark Souls and Bloodborne cousins, Code Vein will have a post-apocalyptic setting, focusing on a more vampiric theme. Players will earn “gifts” and other supernatural abilities based on their consumption of blood.

Bandai Namco has stated that multiplayer will be available in Code Vein. This will operate much like the Souls games, where players can invite others into their session to help with particularly hard areas if needed. However, the summoned player will have to “fulfill certain conditions,” all of which have not been named.

Pre-orders for the game will allow access to special weapons inspired by Bandai Namco’s God Eater games, as well as extra accessories and special traits the player can use.

In addition, a collector’s edition for the game has also been announced that will include a 17-cm tall figurine of Code Vein’s main protagonist, Mia Karnstein. Along with this, players will also receive the game’s soundtrack, a digital art book, and in-game cosmetics called “The Insatiable Bloodthirst.”

While fans of the Souls games certainly eat up anything that feels like the now iconic series, we will have to wait and see if Code Vein can fit that bill.

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