New Tearaway Unfolded video shows off fifteen minutes of new footage

If there is one reason to own a Playstation Vita it is Tearaway, when the game launched for the Vita back in 2013 it was quite well received and used the Vita’s hardware in quite interesting ways, unfortunetly due to the Vita’s low fanbase the game didn’t really soar and get the attention it truly deserved. So what better way to do things then to remake the game for a better selling system like the Playstation 4 which Sony announced they were doing last year with the game renamed as Tearaway Unfolded. The new version of the game will feature improved textures and graphics and will also include some new content, but apart from what we know Sony themselves have been pretty quiet on this game since it was revealed at last years Gamescon. But this all changes now thanks to a new Playstation Access video which shows off an incredible fifteen minutes of new footage which you can watch below:

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