Could the Hyrule Warriors trailer be hiding a secret character?

Hyrule Warriors for the 3DS and as we know from an earlier news story it is going to have some extra characters, we have already found out about Tetra and The King of the Red Lions, those two weren’t really hidden at all, but could there be someone hidden from our sights who was considered nothing but a concept.

Thanks to an over analysis done by fans on the new trailer an out of place weapon has been discovered, a crossbow. The crossbow in the trailer appears on the screen where all the characters are shown, except when it appears it is shown next to Agitha, from playing the Wii U version we know that a crossbow has no connection to the character, so what could it be? Well, there are two theories one is this is an alternate weapon for Link which you will understand in a moment. Look at the concept art above, it shows off a female Link, when Hyrule Warriors was originally being created the idea of a female Link or Linkle as was considered for the name was thrown around and concept art drawn. As you can also see Linkle is armed with a crossbow, one that resembles what is shown in the trailer. Could it simply be a throwback to an older idea providing homage to something that never came to pass? Or, is there something else going on here and is the trailer hinting at the inclusion of Linkle, to be honest for gender equality purposes I hope so.

I don’t think it is to farfetched, in this version Koei Tecmo could have noted the desire from fans to see this character, for now though we will just have to wait and see.

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