New Themed My Nintendo Wallpapers Celebrate Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Island Living

Gaming fans all around the world are traveling to, developing and decorating their very own tropical islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, released March 20, 2020. The game has been heralded as the perfect escape to coronavirus-related social distancing and isolation, allowing players to relax in a tropical paradise, interact with cheerful, colorful villagers, and even visit their friends’ islands.

My Nintendo has released two wallpapers celebrating the game’s release. The first features the adorable outline of a tropical island set against a refreshing blue sea and bright green and yellow sky. The other is splashed with a pastel pattern displaying the faces of several of the adorable creatures you can encounter in New Horizons, alongside pictures of tents, trees, houses, boats, and other Animal Crossing related items.


These brand new wallpapers are available in both America and Europe. Each wallpaper costs 50 Platinum Points and can be redeemed any time between now and September 1, 2020. Although each wallpaper can only be purchased once, it can be used on either your mobile phone or your computer device and is available in a variety of resolutions.

Even if you’ve never taken advantage of the MyNintendo service before today, you’re in luck! Simply signing up and creating an account will reward you with a one-time bonus of 100 Platinum Points, which is enough to purchase both of these lovely Animal Crossing-themed wallpapers.

With these colorful wallpaper options, you can bring cheer to your daily life, feel a little bit more tropical while stuck inside, and of course let all your friends know just how much you love Animal Crossing. Which one will you be buying?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is currently available for Nintendo Switch in both physical and digital versions.

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