New Trailer Revealed for Kill la Kill the Game: IF

Kill la Kill, an anime produced by Trigger Studios, is being adapted into a video game. It is developed by APLUS Studios, also known for 2017’s Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Fire.

The trailer for the game debuted this week at Anime Expo. The game – Kill la Kill the Game: IF – and will utilize the Dragon Ball FighterZ and Guilty Gear XRD arena style fighting system, developed by Arc System Works. The visuals and frame rate of the game are anime inspired so as to mimic animated TV shows.

Evo 2018 will be the first to debut the game play for Kill la Kill the Game: IF in Las Vegas from August 3 through August 5. It will release on PS4 and Steam in 2019.

The trailer below indicates the game will expand on the Kill la Kill story, something fans of the anime can look forward to.


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