New update coming to Super Mario Maker providing new items and more

Super Mario Maker has been a huge hit for Nintendo as it allowed people to build levels of all shapes and sizes using many of Mario’s tools. Now the ante gets bigger as Nintendo has announced a new update is in the works for Super Mario Maker which will bring new items allowing for all new types of levels. The biggest new addition made to the game with this new update will be the addition of keys, with this you will be able to hide a key in a level whether with in a block or with an enemy and will make players try to find it to proceed. This will open up all new opportunities for level creators to build even more unique ideas. Besides this we will also be receiving Super Mario World’s spiked pillars which will add even more danger to levels.

In this update we will also be receiving a brand new mode for the one hundred Mario challenge that is titled super expert providing players some of the hardest levels to complete. The new update will be available as of March 9th so there is even more fun to have.

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