New Worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 Confirmed

As the hype for the third expansion of the fan favorite Kingdom Hearts continues, Square Enix has provided eager gamers with a new trailer for the long-awaited game. Revealed at the D23 Expo in Japan, the trailer confirms more in-game worlds, including a Toy Story world, a Monsters Inc. world, and a Tangled world.

Gamers have been awaiting the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 since the second installment came out over a decade ago. Although a finite date has not been confirmed yet, Square Enix has stated that the game will be coming out around Q3 2018. There are circulating rumors that the official release date will be given during E3 in June.

So far, here are the confirmed locations for Kingdom Hearts 3:

  • Mount Olympus (Hercules)
  • Twilight Town (Kingdom Hearts 2)
  • Yen Sid’s Tower (Kingdom Hearts 2)
  • Old Mansion (Kingdom Hearts 2)
  • Kingdom of Corona (Tangled)
  • San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6)
  • Andy’s House (Toy Story)
  • Monsters, Inc. (Monsters, Inc.)

Below is the recent trailer from Square Enix.

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