Within this weeks issue of popular Japanese publication Famitsu many details were shared about the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X. Among these details include the Frontier Network, Unions, even a much sought after Off TV play mode,and more. I have placed the full details below, and there are a lot including a number of exciting ones:

– You can add scars or beauty spots to faces in the character creator
– In New Los Angles, there are four main areas: blade area, industrial area, commercial area and residential area
– The main character joins BLADE and takes part in the group’s various activities
– In order to search for human pods scattered around Mira, you have to expand the information system called Frontier Network
– If you establish a Data Probe, the data of the surrounding area will be added to the system
– Data Probes can be established in spots called Frontier Network Spot
– A pillar of light helps locating a Frontier Network Spot
– Frontier Network info can be seen on the GamePad
– Map info includes player location, quest target area
– Can warp to already visited places
– Although the GamePad normally works as a terminal, the game can also be played on the GamePad screen
– The activities of BLADE are separated into 8 different divisions called Unions
– Available tasks differ depending on the Union you join
– The player can freely choose which Union to join
– The player can also enter a different Union after the initial decision

– Path Finder: Union for pioneers. Responsible for establishing Data Probes. Expands the Frontier Network.
– Interceptor: Responsible for suppressing native life forms. Guards research teams and rescues citizens.
– Avalanche: Interceptor protects while Avalance attacks. Suppresses dangerous creatures.
– Testament: Search and collects the wreckage of the White Whale. Also looks for things left behind in battlefields.
– Colepedian: Goes to various places of Mira to do research and collect materials.
– Land Bank: Searches Mira for stocking up resources in order to maintain the daily life. An important task is to gather minerals.
– Arms: Helps the “Arms company” to develop weapons like dolls.
– Companion: Helps the civilians of New Los Angles. Does almost anything as task vary from arbitrating quarrels to finding lost cats.

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