New Xenoblade Chronicles X details revealed through Famitsu

Within this weeks issue of popular Japanese publication Famitsu many details were shared about the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X. Among these details include the Frontier Network, Unions, even a much sought after Off TV play mode,and more. I have placed the full details below, and there are a lot including a number of exciting ones:

– You can add scars or beauty spots to faces in the character creator
– In New Los Angles, there are four main areas: blade area, industrial area, commercial area and residential area
– The main character joins BLADE and takes part in the group’s various activities
– In order to search for human pods scattered around Mira, you have to expand the information system called Frontier Network
– If you establish a Data Probe, the data of the surrounding area will be added to the system
– Data Probes can be established in spots called Frontier Network Spot
– A pillar of light helps locating a Frontier Network Spot
– Frontier Network info can be seen on the GamePad
– Map info includes player location, quest target area
– Can warp to already visited places
– Although the GamePad normally works as a terminal, the game can also be played on the GamePad screen
– The activities of BLADE are separated into 8 different divisions called Unions
– Available tasks differ depending on the Union you join
– The player can freely choose which Union to join
– The player can also enter a different Union after the initial decision

– Path Finder: Union for pioneers. Responsible for establishing Data Probes. Expands the Frontier Network.
– Interceptor: Responsible for suppressing native life forms. Guards research teams and rescues citizens.
– Avalanche: Interceptor protects while Avalance attacks. Suppresses dangerous creatures.
– Testament: Search and collects the wreckage of the White Whale. Also looks for things left behind in battlefields.
– Colepedian: Goes to various places of Mira to do research and collect materials.
– Land Bank: Searches Mira for stocking up resources in order to maintain the daily life. An important task is to gather minerals.
– Arms: Helps the “Arms company” to develop weapons like dolls.
– Companion: Helps the civilians of New Los Angles. Does almost anything as task vary from arbitrating quarrels to finding lost cats.

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