The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is a much sought after game and so to is its 3DS remake, as such we have been seeing increasing difficulty about how hard it is to find a copy of the game, even to the extent where we are seeing some places no longer selling the game. As an example Amazon is no longer selling copies of the game directly, and third party sellers are trying to see the game for $74 or even higher. Apparently this is because of the production of the game having been discontinued.

Recently someone tried to order a copy of the game from online retailer PlayAsia and received this email back:


Based on this it is easy to probably say that PlayAsia would be right and the game has been discontinued, further suggesting the rarity of the game. So if anyone is looking for a copy of the game at a fair price then the eShop is probably the only place, happy shopping I guess. Still since Nintendo has not officially confirmed this I would say this is still a rumor.

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