Night City Wire: Gangs Of Night City Profiled for Cyberpunk 2077

Today’s rather short “Night City Wire” presentation from CD Projekt RED spent some time giving players a high level overview of some of the major gangs players will be dealing with (violently or otherwise) when out on the job or kicking back in the clubs while playing Cyberpunk 2077. Previously, we knew about the “booster” gang Maelstrom and the Voodoo Boys. Maelstrom members are all about replacing meat with metal, rebuilding themselves into full cyborgs, and not even trying to stay on the safe side of cyberpsychosis.

The Voodoo Boys, however, are more of a hacking crew, probably with some sidelines in other illicit areas like drugs and protection rackets. As the video describes them, they look at the Pacifica district of Night City as “Haiti 2.0,” and they try very hard to enforce the idea that their turf is an island. Their island.

Some of the other gangs profiled were:

  • The Valentinos – An evolution of Central and South American cartels, the Valentinos are utterly merciless for any infractions which might happen on their turf, but they certainly have a flashy style to them.
  • 6th Street – The caricature of the “ugly American” taken to an unrealistic extreme. Probably the only “redneck” gang in Night City.
  • Animals – Roid ragers and endorphin freaks, the Animals are big, burly, and probably only minimally enhanced with cybernetics. They seem to favor either their hands or big gnarly blunt instruments when getting into a fight.
  • Tiger Claws – Low level yakuza, the Tiger Claws are a major player in “the flesh trade,” dealing in prostitution and illegal cyberwear.
  • Moxes – A “self-defense” gang, similar to the sex workers in the graphic novel Sin City. They seem to have formed in response to some of the Tiger Claws’ more objectionable “disciplinary actions.”
  • Wraiths – Hard to pick up much from what the video displayed, but a wild guess suggests hijackers and pirates of the Badlands.
  • Aldecaldos – “Mad Max meets Fast & Furious” is probably the best description one could make (their tag is a tire doing a burnout). Illegal road races are probably the least crooked thing they’re into, and they seem to hold to a more rigorous form of omerta than the typical Nomad pack.

There could very well be more gangs out there which weren’t featured, but we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for them when Cyberpunk 2077 drops on November 19.

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