Night Trap Announced for Nintendo Switch

Anyone remember that infamous quote from former Chairman of Nintendo of America Howard Lincoln said about the full-motion game Night Trap?

Night Trap will never appear on a Nintendo system,” he said while standing before the U.S. Congress. Well clearly we are living in different times, and Lincoln might wish to recant his statement.

Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition graced the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC last year, bringing a classic game to new audiences. It was a big moment for people as they got to understand how Night Trap changed the industry and got named as a game that is so bad you can’t help but love it. Now Nintendo fans can enjoy the appeal of this cult classic game as Night Trap makes its way to the Nintendo Switch.

The announcement came courtesy of Limited Run Games, who will be handling the physical release of the game, akin to the PS4 launch. However if you want a physical version of this game you might want to watch out; as the company name suggests, you will have a limited opportunity to get a physical copy. At this time, no release date has been announced for Night Trap on the Switch, but we can rest assured knowing the game is coming to the system some time this summer.

Check out this cheesy announcement trailer.

Night Trap, along with Mortal Kombat, are reasons we have the ESRB to rate games today. Clearly this piece of gaming history has major reasons for you to check it out.

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