Nintendo 3DS is now five years old

Today marked a milestone for Nintendo and one of its most popular current systems the Nintendo 3DS, it was on this day five years ago that the system officially arrived for fans to play the future of games on a real handheld device. Yes, since it is the 26th of February in Japan now the system has officially hit its five year landmark and what a five years it has been.

What started as a system failing has blown up into one of the biggest systems in the handheld gaming market, Nintendo may have had to have all its higher ups take a pay cut but they got the system off the ground and to what it is today. This is the system that really popularized certain franchises or breathed a refreshing new lot of air into old ones, franchises like Pokemon got a new lease on life with a major graphical upgrade that allowed for new worlds to be born and new ideas to be tried. Then we have Fire Emblem, the first game in the series to arrive on the system Fire Emblem Awakening was a massively popular game and really helped to cement the franchise for the future, and now it has the latest game Fates is already shining brightly in America.

It goes without saying that the 3DS has done a lot and while I may not play this system as much as I did my old DS I can’t deny just how wonderful it all is. This system introduced me to Star Fox, Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure and many other games, and is even the original home to great games like Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. Its been a good ride for the system of late and hopefully the good times continue, so now as we hit the five year landmark I wish the 3DS many more great years.

With a new Pokemon game coming up, Metroid Prime Federation Force could be promising, and so much more this system still has life to live and room to offer consumers a whole lot of fun going forward.

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