Pokemon Sun and Moon officially announced

Not much has been revealed during today’s presentation as we thought but a couple of big pieces of information have been revealed, after showing a video showing Pokemon over the years and the many games that have come they talked about the future. Although we knew about it yesterday Pokemon Sun and Moon have now been officially announced, however no actual details have been given, we don’t know if this is the seventh generation or an expansion onto Kalos. In terms of gameplay or the game itself only concept art and developers at work were shown, so we know as much now as we did yesterday but at least the games are official and will release sometime around the holidays of 2016, in this case I expect around November. Here is the reveal made during the direct:

After rewatching some of what was shown I have to say that there is some interesting things shown, for starters there is a bird Pokemon being animated that I don’t quite recognize it could simply be because I am only half awake but I cannot place it. Secondly a nice big building is shown which looked interesting, and also notable was the someone looking at cars for the game, could we see some bigger use of vehicles that is still unprecedented in the original Pokemon games? I will have to keep watching the ten seconds of footage for more details later.

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