Nintendo announced Pokemon Direct for Friday

The next Nintendo Direct is just around the corner and guess what this one is all about Pokemon.

The Pokémon Direct special kicks off on February 26 at 7am PT / 3pm GMT. You can watch it live on the Nintendo Direct website or on Twitch. Replays are normally available shortly after the event finishes.

What this could be covering is anyone’s guess, according to the Pokemon Company the direct will only last a hole five minutes so don’t expect them to cover multiple things. Honestly even with the length they need to sit and discuss additional Pokemon Virtual Console releases such as Gold and Silver as well as Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2 and lets not forget Snap. But if it is looking at anything new hopefully it will cover the big next main series game for the Nintendo 3DS which hopefully will be generation 7, or perhaps Kanto remakes again, I can dream can’t I. As long as they are not wasting this time talking about the soulless mobile title Pokemon Go this presentation could offer something.

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