Nintendo has re-unveiled Project Guard as Star Fox Guard

Although many won’t remember myself included Nintendo showed off a special project back at E3 2014 titled Project Guard. At the time this was an experimentive idea that had the Wii U gamepad and TV working in tandem as players monitered a series of security camera’s in order to watch for incoming enemies, they would then use the gamepad to help fend them off. Beyond E3 however Nintendo has been silent on this project, release schedules showed it was coming but what was it going to be.

Today Nintendo revealed what became of Project Guard during the new Nintendo Direct where they showed that the game has been rebranded as Star Fox guard. The goal of the game now is to protect a mine belonging to Grippy the uncle of famous Star Fox team member Slippy. Not only will the game feature a lengthy 100 missions now as well, but it will now be bundled with every physical copy of Star Fox Zero for free, or available separately as a digital copy for purchase in the Nintendo eShop. The game will arrive alongside Star Fox Zero on April 22nd making the new Star Fox even more appealing.


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